This work of art combines the beauty of nature with the vibrancy of colour. This life-size sculpture depicts a magnificent turtle with fascinating and colourful patterns from the artist's imagination. The contours of the turtle have been carefully crafted from paper pulp and its intricate details have been masterfully rendered. The figure measures 95 x 105 x 25 cm, making it one of the largest in the collection and, like all his figures, unique. The material used, papier-mâché, gives the work a unique texture and visual appeal. As the viewer approaches the work, he or she can admire the fine craftsmanship with which each curve and drawing has been shaped. The texture of its carapace has been interpreted through other reptiles and fish. The combination of the chosen medium and the bright, cheerful colours make this work a real eye-catcher. This nature-inspired work took several months to complete. Materials: Pappe maché, mixed materials, acrylic colour, varnish.